Wednesday, March 30, 2011

from semporna with love....

salam sume... fuuhhh =_='  lama nya x update's been busy for me lately..
lots of things happen in my life past few weeks..
but for sure, college life??? still da same..
ini sgt2 mcm sy.. hoho :p
 dlm tensen2 dlm blaja nie, sy dpt gak lepas tensen.. MY BABY LOVE ada kat cini!! yup2!! very2 hepi...he fly to k.l on 23 feb. 2011.. special surprise from my beloved future-father-in-law.. hehe.. thanks to bpk.. u r the greatest father-in-law ever.. willing to do tat for us.. who else would do tat for us?? mya syg tau... thanks a lot for da surprise...

u r da best bapak!!

my baby love da ada kat k.l so apa ag??? GERAK GEMPUR KE K.L!!!
ditemani one of my bestie, YASMIN ZAINAL i went to k.l to meet my love tat i havent seen since like????
trip to k.l rasa sgt lama sebab xsabo2 nk jumpa kesygan sy..hehe ( min kata sy gatai) :p
our checkpoint, KL SENTRAL since we dunno where he live at the moment.. so we promise to meet at KL SENTRAL.. sumpah cuak gler..ggrrrr.. (ketar2) berdebar coz lama xjumpa..malu pon ada..hehe
(bab da sgt2 gemok) :D 
he arrived about 10 minutes after our arrival... wah, nmpk dya dri jauh.. rasa nk JERIT  jew.. hoho..tpi akhir nya sy jdi malu dgn sndiri nya.. (xpasal2) tros sy nyorok blkg min..hehehe...
then, we went for our dinner at KFC coz im craving for fish donut at that time.. after tat, we went straight home.. yeahh baby.. penat!

shower+short nap.. min insist to go KARAOKE.... lalalala
mcik nie mmg gler nyanyi..huhu..tpi xpew, sore dya sgt merdu.. siyes ukey.. 2 thumbs up!!
we go to the ALLADIN .... ( i forgot the last name) quiet nice place..
i wanna sing 3 song actually but end up talking non-stop with my hubby..( byk bnda nk cter la..)
so, the singing event tat night conquered by min..hehe
went back home n sleep tighlty.. fully exhausted.. +__+

next morning!!! breakfast.. we planned to go to the SUNWAY PYRAMID ..hoho...double date yaw!!
but before tat, camwhoring 1st.. hehe...

wajah2 xcited!! 


fall for you..

activities for tat day, window shopping, eating n movies..hehe
we eat mcdonald for lunch n watch DRIVE ANGRY which is frustrating to me bcoz its not tat good like in the trailer. plus, im too buzy talking to my :p

movie time... 

hubby sgt suka pic ini!

then we went to masjid india to buy some stuff.. surprisingly, masjid india banjir aritu due to heavy rain..hoho..
dah sampai sana, kami tros kan jugak wlau air da naek sampai buku lali..huhu.. sronok gak..
1st time xperience banjir...huhu :p

meredah banjir tgh2 masjid india.. :))  
then i end up buying my love new slipper n shirt instead of stuff for myself..hoho..its ok..for u LOVE...
the next day hav to go back to the kolej.. sy nanges but wat to do...huhu...its ok as long we remember each other.. 1 month wont kill us yah!

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